3 Day Advanced Training Session

Analyze your level and category:

What level/category are you in? All categories are relative to the area you live in:

  • Small market area population: 100,000 – 300,000
  • Medium market area population: 400,000 – one million
  • Large market area population: just over one million – two million
  • Super market area population: three million – five million
  • Transcendent market area population: 5 million – 40 million
  • Personal yearly income
  • New/ beginner: 20k -36k
  • Intermediate: 40k – 60k
  • Knowledgable: 70k – 85k
  • Hard worker: 80k – slightly over 100k
  • Achiever: 150k – 250k
  • Star: 275k – 500k
  • Super Star: 600k- one million
  • Transcendent: two million or more per year

What are the 10 principles for success: learn and study

Branding: implementation your plan to attract your market: use all resources print, social, tv, etc.

Research/Development: information you need to find out and know about your prospect

Study/Learn/Practice: study to make more money

Your spiritual and faith empowerment: utilizing Godly principles to cause your expectations to explode beyond your dreams

How to analyze your resources:

  • People
  • Prospects
  • Referrals
  • Advertise

Become a non-dependent salesperson: learn how to be motivated to wake up with the confidence to have success each day

The psychologist. A great salesperson is a psychologist: an internal and external examination

Time: your time is the most valuable asset you have, you have to use it effectively

Image and Appearance: this is what gets you into the front door, and keeps their attention

The anatomy of the complete salesperson: what areas do you need to develop?

Analyze the forces you are drawing toward you:

  • Why are you?
  • What are they?
  • How to fix it?
  • Are you empowered?
  • Can you ask for something and immediately receive it?
  • Do you struggle with external issues, forces, and/or obstacles constantly?
  • Why are little adversarial things constantly happening to you?
  • What should your daily focus be comprised of?